Yuvraj Singh doubts India’s chances at the Cricket world cup

Yuvraj Singh

Former India great Yuvraj Singh is not sure about India’s chances of winning this years Cricket World Cup to be held in India.

Yuvraj Singh stated on his YouTube channel that he may be a patriot and predict that India would win the World Cup, but he is concerned about the middle order of the Indian lineup due to injuries.

If these issues are not addressed, he claims that the Indian squad will suffer, especially in high-stakes games. He also advises against doing experiments while the competition is underway.

Yuvi claims that a middle order batter’s skill set differs from an opener’s, and he asks as to if anyone from the team’s management is working with the players as the middle order is not yet ready.

India’s middle-order issues may improve if Rahul and Iyer recover on time, but if they don’t, Yuvraj is skeptical of the team’s chances in the World Cup.

 Yuvraj said he likes Indian captain Rohit Sharma but believes a team captain is only good as his team.

Yuvraj stated that “I think Rohit has become a very good leader because he has led Mumbai Indians in IPL for such a long time. And He is a very sensible guy under pressure. You need to give a good team to a sensible captain who is experienced as well. MS Dhoni was a good captain, but he also got a good team right?”

Yuvraj played for 18 years and was a part of several legendary Indian teams, including those led by Ganguly in the early 2000s, Rahul Dravid in the mid-2000s, and MS Dhoni in the 2010s. He appeared for India in two World Cup final matches, in 2003 and 2011.

He scored 362 runs in 8 innings to lead India to victory in the 2011 World Cup, and he also took many key wickets. He was named Player of the Tournament.

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