Mohammed Shami Bold Claim: ‘Bashing Pakistan is……’

Mohammed Shami

India’s pace bowler, Mohammed Shami, never shies away from facing Pakistan, whether on the cricket field or in the realm of social media. Known for his impressive performance against Pakistan, Shami has frequently found himself amidst social media storms during high-profile clashes. However, he embraces this attention, stating that defeating Pakistan is ingrained in his blood.

During a News18 video interview, Mohammed Shami responded to an anchor’s comment about his frequent confrontations with Pakistan, saying, “It’s in my blood.” Despite not playing the first four matches, Shami had a remarkable ODI World Cup for India, emerging as the tournament’s highest wicket-taker with 24 dismissals in just seven matches. He also became India’s all-time leading wicket-taker in World Cup history with 55 scalps to his name.

However, Shami’s success also attracted criticism and scrutiny. Former Pakistan player Hasan Raza accused Shami and other Indian bowlers of tampering with the ball to achieve more swing during the World Cup.

Currently sidelined from the Indian team due to an ankle injury, Shami expressed his bewilderment at why people feel envious of others’ success. He criticized the lack of camaraderie in cricket, stating,

“They have made cricket a joke because we don’t enjoy each other’s success.” He emphasized the negative impact of jealousy on performance and team dynamics.

Addressing allegations from fans, particularly from Pakistan, about his intention to perform Sajdah (Islamic prostration) after taking a wicket in a World Cup match against Sri Lanka, Mohammed Shami clarified that he did not succumb to pressure but rather was exhausted after bowling five consecutive overs with great effort. He urged fans to refrain from spreading false narratives and unnecessary controversies.

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