Jio Cinema faces fan backlash over ‘poor’ streaming quality

jio cinema

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 began with the usual enthusiasm. Nonetheless, Jio Cinema has been ridiculed for its failure to stream the matches uninterrupted. For two days in a row, social media users have complained that the English commentary has lost its audio feed.

Twitter users have voiced dissatisfaction with their viewing experience of IPL 2023 on Jio Cinema. One user reported dissatisfaction with the lack of 4k streaming on a 1080p mobile display, noting that they had buffering issues, sound problems, screening problems, brightness problems, and pixelated streams, describing the experience as “extremely terrible streaming.” They also asked the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to restore Disney+ Hotstar.

Another person expressed fear that BCCI would suffer a loss this year because Jio Cinema is down and people will be unable to see advertisements. They further stated that each time they attempted to view it, they encountered different issues.

One user asked an alternative way to watch the IPL because Jio Cinema would buffer till the 70th match, while another reported experiencing the “something went wrong” problem every time.

Since Reliance scooped up the lion’s share of IPL broadcasting rights (for 2023-2027) for a total of Rs 23,758 crore, Viacom is offering free streaming of IPL 2023 on its OTT JioCinema. Disney Star paid Rs 23,575 crore for the Indian subcontinent’s television rights. For the first time, two businesses will broadcast the matches on distinct platforms in India and other nations.

Before, the matches were streamed on Disney Hotstar.

According to Viacom18, over 6 crore unique viewers tuned in for the Gujarat Titans vs Chennai Super Kings match, which had a peak concurrency of over 1.6 crore on JioCinema.

The total match views on JioCinema on Day 1 surpassed 50 crores, according to the company.

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