IPL 2023 New Rules Explained

IPL 2023 New Rules Explained

TATA IPL 2023 is almost ready to go but this time there are many major changes that have been introduced. What are they? Here are the IPL 2023 new rules:

IPL 2023 New Rules Explained
IPL 2023 New Rules Explained 2

In the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) season, teams will be able to reveal their starting lineup following the coin toss. This will make it possible to introduce the “Impact Player.” Each captain will nominate 11 players including a maximum of 5 substitute fielders in writing to the IPL match referee following the toss. ‘It will let them to adjust their playing XI based on the toss decision – whether they bat first or bowl first – and make the toss almost inconsequential.

Impact Player Rules

Teams need to identify the playing XI and five substitutes at the time of the toss. Out of the substitutes named in the team sheet, only one player can be used as an Impact Player.

Both teams are allowed to use one Impact Player per match. It is, however, not compulsory. It is up to teams whether they want to use the Impact Player or not.

Importantly, a player who is replaced by an Impact Player (“Replaced Player”) can no longer take part in the remainder of the match and is also not permitted to even return as a substitute fielder, the BCCI further clarified.

If a player gets injured while fielding mid-over, the injured player can no longer take part in the match if the team introduces Impact Player to replace him.

As reported by Cricbuzz earlier, the Impact Player can only be an Indian player unless there are fewer than four overseas players in the Playing XI.

An overseas player can be used as an Impact Player only in a situation where a team nominates fewer than four overseas players in the starting XI.

After the introduction of Impact Player in the game, a player can bat and may bowl a full allotment of 4 overs in an uninterrupted inning.

Before implementing it for the 2023 IPL season, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) tested the “Impact Player” rule in its domestic competitions.

Other Changes

 At the same time, like in the Women’s Premier League (WPL), teams will be entitled to appeal wide and no-ball calls issued by umpires under the Decision Review System (DRS) (DRS).

Apart from changing the timing of captains’ announcement of the playing XI, there have also been some other noteworthy amendments to the playing conditions.

As per the new rules, an undue advantage by both keeper and fielder will be considered a dead ball by the umpire, and 5 penalty runs will be added to the batting team’s total. Let’s examine some other modifications to the IPL’s playing rules:

  • Over a rate penalty of only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle for every over not completed in the allocated time.
  • Unfair movement of the wicketkeeper will result in a dead ball and 5 penalty runs.
  • Unfair movement by a fielder will result in a dead ball and 5 penalty runs.

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