India vs Pakistan World Cup match triggers massive travel and hotel price hike

India vs Pakistan

The 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is set to witness one of the most awaited and thrilling matches in cricket history, as India and Pakistan will lock horns on October 15 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The match, which is expected to draw a huge crowd of passionate fans, has also sparked a frenzy of travel and hotel bookings, resulting in a massive surge in airfare and accommodation prices.

Flight Prices Sky-Rocketing

With three months to go until the epic clash, travellers who are planning to attend the match are facing exorbitant prices for flight tickets and hotel rooms, as the demand has reached unprecedented levels. Flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Ahmedabad on October 14, one day before the match, are now costing between INR 15,000 and INR 22,000, which is six times higher than the usual rates. Hotel room rates have also increased by nearly tenfold, with some luxury hotels charging as high as INR 100,000 per night.

The announcement of India vs Pakistan match has caused a surge in demand for travel and searches on travel websites. Nishant Pitti, CEO and co-founder of EaseMyTrip, has highlighted the “all-time high” demand for travel, with airfares reaching six times their usual rates. Many people eager to attend the match have already started booking their tickets well in advance, leading to a spike in searches and bookings on travel websites.

“Even if people book three months in advance, airfares are six times more expensive than usual. An economy class Delhi-Ahmedabad ticket in August and September would be around Indian Rs3000. But the same ticket a day before the match, would cost Rs20,000,” Pitti was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times.

“The demand for flight tickets and searches on our website reached an all-time high. Majority of people keen to attend the match have already started booking the tickets in advance,” he added.

India vs Pakistan
India vs Pakistan World Cup match triggers massive travel and hotel price hike 2

Hotel Prices could rise by 10 times for India vs Pakistan Match

The confirmation of India vs Pakistan match has also triggered a significant surge in hotel prices in Ahmedabad. Hotel room rates have increased by nearly tenfold, despite many rooms already being sold out for the day. Some luxury hotels are charging as high as INR 100,000 per night, compared to their usual rates of INR 5,000 to INR 8,000. The combination of the cricket match and the forthcoming Navratri holiday in Gujarat, which begins on the same day, has intensified the demand for travel to Ahmedabad, contributing to the sharp increase in hotel prices.

With the Narendra Modi Stadium having a capacity of approximately 132,000 spectators, it is expected to be completely filled as cricket enthusiasts gather to witness the intense showdown between the arch-rivals. The last time Pakistan and India faced each other in an ICC event was in the T20 World Cup match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where more than 90,000 people attended. The fervour surrounding the India vs Pakistan match, combined with the capacity of the stadium, suggests that a full house is highly likely.

The India vs Pakistan match is one of the most anticipated and exciting events in the cricketing calendar, as it showcases the fierce rivalry and passion between the two neighbouring countries. The match also attracts millions of viewers from across the world, who tune in to watch the thrilling contest. The 2023 World Cup match will be no different, as both teams will be eager to win and make their mark on cricket history.

Are you planning to attend the India vs Pakistan World Cup match? How do you feel about the soaring prices for travel and accommodation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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