BCCI to launch Tier-2 cricket league by 2024, may end 50-over format


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is set to revolutionize the cricketing world with its ambitious plan to launch a Tier-2 cricket league by 2024. The league will follow the footsteps of the highly successful Indian Premier League (IPL), which has become the most lucrative and popular franchise cricket tournament in the world

According to sources, the BCCI secretary Jay Shah is leading the project, which has received positive feedback from various stakeholders and potential sponsors. The league will target the growing demand for shorter cricket formats, especially the T10 format, which offers more thrill and action in less time.

The BCCI is also considering several key factors, such as the venue, the age limit, and the impact of the new league on the existing cricket calendar. The BCCI may also impose an age limit on the players, to avoid any clash with the IPL, which features the best players from around the world and enjoys a prime-time slot in India.

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BCCI to launch Tier-2 cricket league by 2024, may end 50-over format 2

The introduction of the Tier-2 league may also have a significant effect on bilateral cricket, which may lose its relevance and appeal in the face of franchise cricket. saying that while the traditional red-ball matches, such as the Ashes and India’s tours of England, Australia and South Africa, may still retain their prestige, the rest of the bilateral cricket may shift to the franchise model.

This may pose a challenge for the cricket boards that depend on the bilateral rights sales for their income. A possible solution could be a revenue-sharing model with the BCCI, which could help them survive financially. However, this could also spell the doom for the 50-over format, which may become obsolete in the near future.

It has been reported that Saudi Arabia has expressed interest in hosting the new league, as it sees it as an opportunity to boost its tourism industry. The BCCI’s move to create a travelling tournament may also be a strategic decision to expand its influence and reach in the global cricket market. The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB), which has the advantage of the summer season, may be the only board that can resist the BCCI’s dominance and maintain its autonomy.

The BCCI’s plan to launch the Tier-2 league by 2024 shows its vision and understanding of the changing dynamics of cricket, and its determination to stay ahead of the curve.

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